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Other benefits come with monthly subscription besides that of keeping capital in your business.
With Amplified Cloud you get upgrades (new features) and updates included in the cost. That means that we are constantly working hard to expand the number of features to which you have access, and the upgrades mean that you have the confidence that we are always taking advantage of new ways of working as technology improves.

Key benefits to your business:

Bullet point   No cost for upgrades and updates*
Bullet point   No need to worry about having out-of-date software
Bullet point   The product is always offering you more
Bullet point   You can suggest features for inclusion... we listen to our users!
  *We always try to balance the needs of the majority of our users against the needs of the few.
Some upgrades therefore might only allow you to use them a limited number of times per year
without additional charge (such as the questionnaire system): please see our pricing page
for further details.

An open approach to software development


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Amplified Cloud is the best solution for your business; find out why here:

We are a UK registered Limited company formed in 2003, find out more about us.

We work with dedicated partners to help you get your business up and running.

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Cogitar Software's Amplified Cloud: versions



Amplified Cloud Lite

The starter package: a website you can edit and change, coupled to a customer database to store details.

Amplified Cloud Bronze

Building on the Lite product: a simple shopping cart (e-commerce solution) with stock control and more.

Amplified Cloud Silver

The Silver version offers CRM, e-commerce, inventory management and more also includes help desk software.

Amplified Cloud Gold

With the Gold version of the product you have a tool of unlimited potential.

Customer service version

The support system: web access for your customers to log and review calls and a knowledge base system, also has integrated CRM.

ID & Membership cards

ID card production: Comprehensive layout options and the ability for users to set up background images, has integrated CRM.

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